Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Urban Collective's Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility 

Urban Collective continuously work with CSR which means that our sustainability goals are integrated throughout the company. From idea to the final product in your home, we work hard to ensure that we continue to be an ethically and socially responsible company. This means that we believe and work for equality while minimizing our climate footprint.


Urban Collective develops products in carefully thought-out design and high quality for maximum durability and longevity. A major part of Urban Collectives products are manufactured in Europe, but all of our producing partners, regardless of country, commit to comply with the Urban Collective Code of Conduct. This code includes clear rules on working conditions, production, the environment and quality. All Urban Collective producing partners follow our list of banned chemicals as well as the European REACH regulation. To ensure this, we visit our partners regularly. We also work with local partners who perform regular control visits to ensure that Urban’s Supplier agreement is followed.


One of Urban Collectives goals is that our modes of transportation should always be as economically and environmentally sustainable as possible. Therefore, we actively work to minimize airfreight. This is only used in exceptional cases. In order to further shorten transportation distances, we try to use locally produced materials as much as possible in the country where the manufacturing takes place. Urban Collective's sustainability strategy also means that all employees, within the company and with our production partners, should promote sustainability enhancements specifically within their areas of responsibility.


Another important part of Urban Collective's CSR work includes social responsibility and our Code of Conduct includes clear guidelines on the conditions of workers. Among other things, all Urban Collective's employees, as well as our producing partners employees, must be offered a safe workplace. Child labor and forced labor are strictly prohibited as well as work that may harm a person's health. The salary should be reasonable and employees should be entitled to vacation and sick leave. Equal rights and opportunities is a must regardless of age, sex, nationality, political opinion, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability or union membership. As Urban Collective is an international brand, it is important that our workplace is characterized by diversity. Our employees and partners are of different nationalities, and work in various parts of the world, which, of course, plays a crucial role in Urban Collective's global success. Within the company, we strive for even sex, gender and age distribution.


For Urban Collective, it is important to be a long-term sustainable brand. Therefore, we are actively working to promote creativity and innovation, and our goal is to offer a workplace that attracts the best talent and allows an opportunity to evolve with the brand. Further, Urban Collective is committed to building long-term relationships with our customers. By being attentive to our consumers’ needs, we strive to create value and be relevant to maintain highest possible brand loyalty. The development of Urban Collective involves many jobs, including the ones offered at our suppliers worldwide. In order for us to continue this, and for our staff, our shareholders and other stakeholders to be satisfied, we continuously seek financial stability to create long-term values for the society in which we exist.