Urban Collective CSR and Sustainability

At Urban Collective we believe that working sustainable incorporates many aspects of a business. And that if you don't take them all in to account it is easy that you you are missing out on ways to improve on everything from environmental impact to profitability for you own business. 

As we see it there are a few different areas in where we as a company can be conscious and continue to work with to stay relevant and act long term in our industry. 

  • Quality
  • Products
  • Transportation
  • Environment
  • Social Responsability
  • Ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Value Creation

We always try to better ourselves and find new innovative developments for how we can become improve within each of these fields. That is a never ending journey that means that we are never done, but we can always strive to be on a path that leads in that direction.

What that means and how we do that is something that we will tell you about in this magazine. By telling you stories from each of these areas and giving you examples of how we work with bio-degradable packing, with transportation, production and of course the people involved in the process we hope to give you an insight in our way of working and the thoughts and processes behind each product that you can buy in the store.

More about the above and other interesting stories to come. 

Thank you,